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Yasmeen Caban
New England District – Presiding Elder: Pastor Larry Ward
School: Bunkerhill Community College
Major: Early Childhood Education

“The UPCAG scholarship was a huge blessing to me! It allowed me to get books, school supplies and put a deposit down for room and board. This scholarship also helped me because I was able to use the money to go to and from school by public transportation. I am very appreciative for being a recipient for the 2013 UPCAG scholarship. Thank you!”

Effina Jackson
Midwest District – Presiding Elder: Pastor Jon Sibley

School: Virginia State University
Major: Biology

“The scholarship enabled me to pursue my educational goals and dreams by helping to ease the financial challenges that otherwise would have presented themselves if it had not been for the scholarship. My current GPA is 3.5. With great appreciation.”

Kemiesha Wilkerson
Barbados District – Presiding Elder: Pastor Mechelle Massiah

School: Barbados Community College
Major: Social Work

“The scholarship has enabled me with the opportunity of being able to continue to pursue my career path and desire to help others. Current course grades are A’s and B’s.”